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Naruto Crack Pairings Challenge

A slightly different themes community. :p

Naruto Crack Pairings Themes Challenge
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• Naruto Crack Pairings Themes Challenge

Please have a look at this post before claiming anything. I'm trying to decide whether making this something like yaoi_challenge would be better. :)

Welcome to the Naruto crack pairings themes challenge (what a mouthful!). As you can see, this is pretty different from normal challenge communities. Instead of focusing on all fandoms or even a specific fandom, this community is focused on crack (unconventional/uncommon) pairings in the Naruto fandom. I think this is a good way to get more people to read unconventional pairings and find new authors. There are 10 themes and 5 bonuses available.

For all lovers of crack pairings, this is the place to contribute your own crack writing/drawing and for lovers of crack pairings to come read/drewl at art! XD

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You can claim up to 3 pairings, but keep in mind that crack pairings might be harder to write/draw then the more popular pairings, so don’t put too much on your plate or you may find yourself struggling. XP Threesomes and moresomes are welcome! Anyone can claim the same pairing another person has. The reason I want you to claim in the first place is so I can keep track of who's doing what pairing(s).

I’m not going to make a time limit, that way if a fic/art is giving you trouble you don’t have to force yourself to finish before a deadline. However, if you haven't posted at least one fic/art piece in 365 days (by August 2007), i'll post a warning, and if you don't reply, i'll remove your claim from the list.

Themes can be interpreted in any way you like. If you feel it will inspire/challenge you to make the fic/art close to the theme, go ahead, but don’t feel it has to be exactly like the theme.

All ratings allowed. Put fic/art behind a cut. If the fic is R or NC-17, clearly label it so, with any warnings you might want to include. Het, yaoi, yuri, incest, shota - all are accepted here. You do not *have* to make your pairing scrictly romantic. So don't worry about how you're going to write a fic with two characters and make it romantic. Just write about the characters interacting, at the least. :)

Fic can be as long or as short as you like. Art can be as simply or complicated as you like. :) If its multi-chaptered, you can wait and post it all at once or post it as you write it.

No flaming, plgarism,etc tolerated.

All levels of skill are welcome.You're here to learn and improve, so enjoy it. ^_^

Feedback is highly appreciated by most authors. :D

Community Links:


Drop Claim / Finished Claim




Discuss what are Crack and Non-crack Pairings

Theme Suggestion(s)

Master Fic List


• Non-Claimable and Info


Pairings you CANNOT claim:

Naruto x Hinata (NaruHina)

Sasuke x Naruto (SasuNaru)

Naruto x Sasuke (NaruSasu)

Sasuke x Sakura (SasuSaku)

Kiba x Hinata (KibaHina)

Asuma x Kurenai (AsuKure)

Kakashi x Iruka (KakaIru)

Sasuke x Sakura x Naruto (SasuSakuNaru)

Ino x Shikamaru x Chouji (InoShikaChou)

Kiba x Hinata x Shino (KibaHinaShino)

There are exceptions to the above. Example: IruKaka, as long as Iruka is the seme.

Discuss any pairing you think might or might not belong on the list here.

Example crack pairings: AnkoKure (as in Bark or Bite), GaaTema (as in Black Phase), KakaShika (as in Shadows).


•The 10 Themes & 5 Bonuses


There are 10 themes with 5 bonus themes they can exchange with some of the 10, or any of the bonus themes can be additional themes. Have a question?



1. Meeting in secret

2. Cold hands

3. Scar(s)

4. Normalcy

5. Back then

6. Solitude

7. Way of the Ninja

8. Fate

9. Downpour

10. Tea


1. Intelligence

2. Game

3. Sarcastic

4. Chance meeting

5. Underneath the underneath

If you don’t think a theme or more fits in with the challenge, say so here with a few suggestions and I’ll include them in a poll to decide what to replace it/them with.


• Claimed


Gaara x Naruto

Itachi x Tobi
csc_lupisstone (angelofpearls)

Kakashi x Sakura

Kakashi x Sasuke

Kiba x Hanabi

Lee x Hinata

Naruto x Ino

Obito x Sakura
inquisitorial (wolfwritings)

Shikamaru x Kiba


• Contact me & Affiliates


Admin: keitorin



Want to affiliate? Naruto or Multi-fandom communities only.